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Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence

About the Department

The Institute of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is one of the Faculty of Applied Informatics´ key departments. It is comprised of four specialised laboratories – focused on areas relating to both basic and applied research.

These include: The Penetration Testing and Applied Cryptography Laboratory (PTLAB), the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AILAB), the Advanced Embedded Systems Laboratory (EMLAB), and the Brain Machine Interface Systems Lab (BMLAB). The Institute Laboratories resolve problems related with Process Optimisation and Simulation, Mathematical Modelling, Cryptography, the Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods; all characterised by high mutual synergy and linked to Cyber Security.

The Institute underwrites study programmes at all Higher Education levels: Software Engineering (B.Sc.), Information Technology – Software Engineering (Masters), Information Technology – Cyber ​​Security (Masters), Teaching Informatics for Secondary Schools (Masters), and Information Technology (Ph.D.).

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