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Department of Process Control

About the Department

Our department has long been successfully engaged in the Modern Control Methods, Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation of Technological Processes fields. Basic research in the Control Systems field is mainly focused on the issues of Predictive, Adaptive and Non-linear Control Algorithms; more generally, on the Intelligent Control Systems field – and related fields, like Signals Measurement, Processing and the Use of Signals for the Effective Control and Monitoring of Technological Processes.

We regularly publish the results of our research in journals abroad and in international forums at conferences. Our team is also open to Application Research in these areas with regional companies or international projects. The pedagogical activities of our staff cover the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degree programmes offered by our faculty; historically speaking, especially in the Automatic Control field; nowadays, there is a significant overlap into other areas – Robotics, Information or Security Technologies, and Signal and Image Processing.

We use modern hardware and software tools – many of which we are also able to offer training – for instance, MATLAB, Octave, Scilab, or Cisco Networking Academy. In our state-of-the-art Real Models Labs, students and scientists can “play“ with a variety of unique instruments, like the 3D Crane, Inverted Pendulum, Helicopter Models, 3DOF Gyroscope, Magnetic Levitation – and many more. Students who pass through our department are in high demand in the Automation, Robotics and IT fields. A good number of our employees travel to renowned foreign universities every year, where they teach, and share the results of their research activities.

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