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Professional Work Placements

Master’s Degree Studies students are obliged to undertake a Compulsory Professional Work Placement, (CPWP), of 120 hours duration during their studies; i.e. during the first or second year of their Master’s Degree Studies program. The content of their CPWP experience is made up of activities that develop students’ expertise and skills in areas that are closely related to the discipline/field being studied. This CPWP can be completed in a 3 week block, or on a continuous basis.

We welcome offers from companies where students could be able to their CPWPs.

In case of interest, please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Zdenka Prokopová, CSc.
email:, tel. 576 035 230
(The Vice Dean for Study Affairs)


prof. Ing. Vladimír Vašek, CSc.
email:, tel. 576 035 254
(Vice Dean for Cooperation with Companies and Industry)

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