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Research and Development

Ph.D. Studies

The aim of Ph.D. Studies at the excellent graduates of master’s degree is to further develop their skills and abilities for creative scientific research activities. Students are therefore involved in scientific and research projects at the Faculty of Applied Science or in other faculties TBU and they are encouraged to submit their own scientific and research projects. An integral part of these activities is to publish the results of their work at international conferences and in international journals. FAI co-organizes professional doctoral seminars to help students with publishing activities and supports TRILOBIT magazine, which is published by the FAI.

Studies are realized according to individual study plans, including vocational theoretical subjects and subjects related to the topic of dissertation and a foreign language. Study consists of two parts: a study part finished by the state doctoral examination and a part focused on processing of dissertation finished by its defense. Dissertation proves a student’s ability to creatively solve a given problem, to present it orally or in writing form and defend his own approaches to solutions.

Successful graduates of the Ph.D. degree are awarded the title Ph.D.

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