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Practical Info

Buddy System Zlín

Buddy System Zlin is a group of enthusiastic students from all faculties of Thomas Bata University in Zlín. In their freetime they voluntarily organize trips, events and other activities for international students who come to Zlín every semester.

So called “buddies” can give you a hand with many troubles on your way here and are great in making your stay an unforgettable experience. Most often they help with issues such as travelling to Zlín, picking-up at the station, finding the dormitories, administration (especially visa registration at the police station), visiting doctors… And of course fun is the other part of their lovely mission.

Welcome Week
Your Erasmus Journey in Zlín starts by Welcome Week. It is the first week of semester with at least one party or social activity per day. By attending these activities you should easily get to know other internationals and and of course find your way around Zlín and university.

Orientation Walk
Buddy system also organises a tour around the city which highlights the main and the most important places in Zlín. After attending this one, you will know where to go for a meal or drink, where to go patry, chilling or shopping for local products.

Help Twice
An event where students can buy very cheap dishes that were donated by previous international students. Just to make your first days here more comfortable.

Trips & events
We have to highlight a countless variety of trips in destinations such as Krakow, Southern Bohemia, Tatra mountains, Luhačovice, Macocha or Southern Moravia. And of course, Welcome week in first but not the only party week. There are special international events such as International dinner, karaoke night, movie night, country presentations or language bazar and other social activities.

More information about this amazing group of people is here

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