Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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About Us

Are you interested in everything that involves computers? Does Modern Technology enchant you? Do you like to build robots?… or would you like to clean-up the virtual world of all viruses and marauders? In that case, the Faculty of Applied Informatics, TBU in Zlín is just the place for you!

We offer you the opportunity to study in five Bachelor´s degree programmes. You can choose from disciplines oriented on – and engaged in, research relating to New Software Creation; Robot and Intelligent Systems´ Design; Computer and Data Security; Web-programming; or, Office Administration. Should you want to continue your studies at the Master’s Degree level; you can choose from six follow-on/up Master´s Degree programmes. What’s waiting for you there? New skills and experience with Modern Building Security; Automatic Management of Technological Processes; or the Teaching IT/Computer Science in Secondary School course. If this is still not enough … you can devote yourself to the Doctoral, (Ph.D.), Studies programme … and change the world with your research.

Your studies will be helped by the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software equipment; and collaborative interaction within the framework of practical projects for/from working-practice. You will learn from the best. Do you want to not only improve yourself in the studies field, but also in languages? We offer study-stays, or work placement exchanges – “so to say”, all round the world.

And what about after school? You will have a job, with certainty. Whether only in a small firm; or a national – or even, a multinational company. Today, we all encounter Informatics – every step of our way. You will definitely not get lost in today’s rapidly developing world. You can also find (your) validation and application in the CEBIA-TECH Science and Technology Park; right-next-door to the FAI faculty building – where you will not only find modern research facilities; but a pleasant work environment.

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