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Centre for Security, Information and Advanced Technologies (CEBIA – Tech)

About the Centre

The Centre for Security, Information and Advanced Technologies (CEBIA – Tech) represents a dynamic opportunity for further advancements in research and development in the Zlín Region in the spheres of Applied Informatics, Security Technologies and Alternative Energy Sources. Most of its employees are also the staff of the Faculty of Applied Informatics of Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

The core project aims are:

  • To ensure high-quality laboratory equipment and instrumentation for the Centre.
  • To further develop cooperation with regional firms active in the fields researched at the Centre – this cooperation is focused on the growth of contractual and collaborative research based on joint research projects and firms´ requirements and financially supported by the state and the EU.
  • To create new job opportunities for HEI graduates – especially for successful Ph.D. graduates, i.e. representatives of the new generation of researchers.
  • To link the Centre´s research activities with the education process within the framework of technically-orientated Master’s Degree courses at FAI, thereby improving the quality of education based on the use of high-quality laboratory equipment of the Centre.
  • The direct participation of Ph.D. students in the Centre´s research activities and the consequent improvement in the quality of their Ph.D. theses, increasing the number of successful PhD graduates, and enabling graduates to continue in the Centre´s research activities as research staff.
  • Overall, to increase Ph.D. programmes realised at the integrated FAI – CEBIA-TECH workplace´ attractiveness.
  • The qualitative and quantitative increase of publishing activities, especially in all the categories specified by the Research and Development Council for the Centre´s staff – from “Ph.D. student” to “Senior Researcher”.

The Centre´s core orientations are:

  • Grid Computing and the application of Artificial Intelligence methods
  • Intelligent Production Systems
  • Smart Buildings
  • Embedded Systems
  • The development of small mobile data and telecommunication networks for rapid-deployment units
  • The development of a system for the detection and analysis of hazardous substances using THz frequencies
  • The development of technical procedures for the protection of electronic systems against internal and external electromagnetic field interference
  • Alternative Energy Resources – Biofuels

These key objectives are realised in the context of three main research programmes, each of which has its own dedicated research team (e.g. Head of Research Programme, Senior Researcher, Junior Researcher, Ph.D. student). Management of the entire project is in the competence of the implementation team.

New research workplaces have been created, not only in the current Faculty of Applied Informatics premises, but also in the new Information and Communication Technologies – Technology Park (ICT TP), whose activities focus on Information and Communication Technologies. Construction of the Technology Park adjacent to FAI began in March 2011, and it was ceremonially opened in October, 2012.

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