Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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Research and Development

Faculty of Applied Science has defined three key fields of science and research, which is intensely focused on:

  • Information Technologies
  • Security Technologies
  • Automatic Control

The fundamental targets of the research activities, in addition to the declared general of research and development, can be seen especially in:

  • ensuring of quality instrument and laboratory equipment
  • development of the cooperation with regional companies – cooperation is focused on increase the contractual research and the implementation of joint projects based on the needs of companies
  • increase of newly created jobs for university graduates, especially successful graduates of doctoral programs, meaning representatives of the newly emerging “scientific research” generation
  • linking of research activities with the educational process within the Master of technical studies undertaken on the FAI, and thus the improvement of education based on the use of modern laboratory equipment
  • direct participation of students in doctoral degree programs and courses in research activities.

Faculties and departments