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Department of Mathematics

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics acquaints students with the basics of mathematical disciplines at the five faculties of TBU in Zlín: these are the Faculty of Applied Informatics, the Faculty of Technology, the Faculty of Management and Economics, the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management and the Faculty of Humanities. The courses´ content for these Bachelor’s Degree Studies programmes differs in line with the field, but is mainly composed of Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Numerical Methods and Mathematical Optimisation. With more advanced disciplines, some students will also encounter them in selected Master´s and Ph.D. disciplines.

The specialised orientation of individual members of the Institute differs – ranging from Differential Equations and Geometry through Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory, Formal Language Theory and Automation to Mathematical Modelling and Optimisation.

The Department of Mathematics also assures the activities of the Maths Support Centre – which provides support to Maths students in the form of free consultations.

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