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Why Study at FAI?

When you come to Tomas Bata University in Zlín; to the Faculty of Applied Informatics, (FAI) … you can study what interests you – what you enjoy – and, eventually, this will allow you to make a good living. You do not have to worry about leaving the academic sphere in three or five years, not knowing what exactly you can do with the knowledge you have acquired. Its technical focus assures good career prospects, rich employment opportunities, and motivational salaries. FAI, TBU in Zlín graduates find employment in top-flight national and multinational companies; or – as the case may be, establish their own companies. The Faculty’s activities are supported by our dedicated CEBIA-TECH, Information and Communication Technologies, Science and Technology Park, which also serves as an incubator for graduates and motivates them to start their own businesses.

(BTW – By The Way), you do not have to worry about Mathematics … we have organised a (drop-in) Mathematics Support Centre, where personal consultations with experienced tutors are  available free-of-charge. Thereby, you are provided with a quiet place to explore mathematical secrets – and to better prepare yourselves. You can come whenever you want during the day, on a regular basis; without previous appointment.

FAI has Specialised Laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Software, and Modern Computer Technologies. We are not afraid to let you work with the latest, state-of-the-art devices, equipment and instruments; what else are they here for; if not just to look at them through a glass-pane?

Close cooperation with industrial companies, firms, and companies is one of the priorities of the Faculty of Applied Informatics (FAI, TBU in Zlín). The degree programmes created by FAI, are designed with a view to the requirements of its industrial partners; with the objective that graduates will acquire the requisite abilities and skills – in line with current market requirements.

Professional Work Placements in companies/firms that FAI arranges for students take place in the 4th Year … and are the so-called “cherry-on-the-cake”. Another demonstration of the close link between studies and working practice is the so-called “Expert Tuition” approach, whose aim is to provide students with a practical overview of the problems and issues they have studied.

FAI´s Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral, (Ph.D.), Degree programmes’ lectures are organised – and led by professional practitioners in their fields, in order to increase students’ interest in the subject and field/discipline. These lectures are led by specialists from companies located in the CEBIA-TECH, Science and Technology Park, that is a core part of the Faculty of Applied Informatics (FAI). These experts from working practice provide lectures, demonstrate practical applications in the tuition process, or experiments, laboratory exercises, etc., that are incorporated in the teaching process of individual subjects. FAI regularly organises a bi-annual Job Opportunities Fair on its premises – more than 20 companies – from all over the Czech Republic, offer job opportunities at each trade fair.

Our students also have a wide range of opportunities to travel abroad – within the overall framework of various exchange programmes; and to undertake study stays or traineeships. And all this – is backed by the financial support of FAI, TBU in Zlín, who will cover most of the costs.

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