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Exchange Studies

Level of offered courses

International students are allowed to choose freely which courses to take – possible recommendations/restrictions noted in column Note(s). Bachelor students are allowed to take master’s courses and the other way around so the column Degree programme states the level of the course and its difficulty. Master courses should be more complicated and the requirements might be higher.

Semester of study

Each course has defined in which semester it will be taught. It could be either in Winter or Summer semester. It cannot be changed. Nevertheless, some courses are offered in Both semesters.

Credit requirements

The required minimum number of selected credits is 15 ECTS per academic semester. The maximum number is not defined but we recommend 30 ECTS credits as the maximum.

Medium of instruction

The medium of instruction for courses offered below is English, if not stated differently.

List of courses for the international exchange students
The academic year 2021/2022
Course code (abbreviation)Course nameLecturerDegree programmeECTS creditsSemesterNote(s)
Department of Automation and Control Engineering (AUART)
AE3SRContinuous Controldoc. Ing. Libor Pekař, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Radek Matušů, Ph.D.Bachelor6Both
AE5ESEmbedded Systems with MicrocomputersIng. Jan Dolinay, Ph.D.Bachelor5Both
AE4PPPLC ProgrammingIng. Jan Dolinay, Ph.D.Bachelor6Both
AE8TBBuilding TechnologiesIng. Martin Zálešák, CSc.Master4Both
AEMBUBuildings ManagementIng. Martin Zálešák, CSc.Master3Both
AEDIRDiscrete Control Systemsdoc. Ing. Radek Matušů, Ph.D.Master6Both
AE8GIGeographic Information SystemsIng. Bc. Pavel Vařacha, Ph.D.Master3Both
AESTPHVAC systemsIng. Martin Zálešák, CSc.Master6Both
AE7MVProcess Modeling in Manufacturing TechnologiesIng. Jiří Pecha, Ph.D., Juan Carlos Beltran PrietoMaster7Both
AEVPI Special parts of process engineeringIng. Martin Zálešák, CSc.Master7Both
AETMP Technical Measurements in HVACIng. Martin Zálešák, CSc.Master6Both
AE0MM MultimediaIng. Tomáš Sysala, Ph.D.Master4Summer
Department of Security Engineering (AUBI)
AE5AAAnalog and Digital TechnologyIng. Lubomír Macků, Ph.D., doc. Mgr. Milan Adámek, Ph.D.Bachelor6Winter
AE4EOElectric CircuitsIng. Lubomír Macků, Ph.D., doc. Mgr. Milan Adámek, Ph.D.Bachelor4Summer
Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence (AUIUI)
AE4ALAlgorithms and Data StructuresIng. Tomáš Dulík, Ph.D.Bachelor5Both
AE3KRCryptologydoc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D., Ing. Petr ŽáčekBachelor5Both
AEJAVJAVA TechnologyIng. Adam ViktorinBachelor4Both
AE4TWWWW TechnologyIng. Radek Vala, Ph.D.Bachelor5Both
AE8POAdvanced ProgrammingIng. Bc. Pavel Vařacha, Ph.D.Master3Both
AE8UNArtificial Neural Networksdoc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.Master4BothAE7SU or AE7SC recommended before AE8UN or simultaneously with AE8UN
AE0DAData Analysis and Intelligent ComputingIng. Adam ViktorinMaster4BothAvailable from summer semester – February 2022. AE7SU recommended before AE0DA or simultaneously
AE9EVEvolutionary Computation Techniquesdoc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D., Ing. Michal Pluháček, Ph.D.Master5BothAE8MI recommended before AE9EV or simultaneously with AE9EV
AE7SUMachine Learningdoc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.Master4BothAE7SU recommended before AE8UN or simultaneously with AE8UN
AE8MIMathematical Informaticsdoc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D.Master4BothAE8MI recommended before AE9EV or simultaneously with AE9EV
AE7MSMathematical StatisticsIng. Dušan Hrabec, Ph.D.Master4Both
AE9BISecurity of Information Systemsprof. Mgr. Roman Jašek, Ph.D.Master5Both
AE7SCSoftcomputing and Dataminingdoc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D. , doc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D.Master4BothCannot be studied simultaneously with AE7SU and AE0DA. AE7SC recommended before AE8UN or simultaneously with AE8UN
Department of Mathematics (AUM)
AE7OPOptimisationprof. Ing. Roman Prokop, CSc.Master5Both
AE3M2Mathematics IIRNDr. Martin Fajkus, Ph.D.Bachelor6Winter
AE3VKSelected Chapters in MathematicsMgr. Jana Řezníčková, Ph.D.Bachelor6Winter
AE1MSSeminar of MathematicsRNDr. Martin Fajkus, Ph.D.Bachelor6Winter
AE2ASMathematical AnalysisRNDr. Martin Fajkus, Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
AE2M1Mathematics IMgr. Jana Řezníčková, Ph.D.Bachelor7Summer
Department of Computer and Communication Systems (AUPKS)
AE2AEComputer Hardware Architecturedoc. Ing. Martin Sysel, Ph.D.Bachelor5Both
AE2OPObject-oriented Programming and Design PatternsIng. Erik Král, Ph.D., Luis Antonio Beltran PrietoBachelor4Both
AE3OSOperating Systemsdoc. Ing. Martin Sysel, Ph.D.Bachelor5Both
AE1AMThe Analysis and Modelling of Software Systemsdoc. Ing. Radek Šilhavý, Ph.D.Bachelor4BothCannot be studied simultaneously with AE7SI.
AE7SISoftware Engineeringdoc. Ing. Radek Šilhavý, Ph.D.Master4BothCannot be studied simultaneously with AE1AM.
AE1DSDatabase systemsdoc. Ing. Zdenka Prokopová, CSc., doc. Ing. Petr Šilhavý, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
AE2MG Modern Computer GraphicsIng. Irena DrofováBachelor4Winter
Department of Process Control (AURP)
AE4PSComputer Networksdoc. Ing. Jiří Vojtěšek, Ph.D., Ing. Jiří Korbel, Ph.D.Bachelor4Both
AERTPProcess Controldoc. Ing. František Gazdoš, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D.Bachelor4Both
AE1K1Software in OfficeIng. Karel Perůtka, Ph.D.Bachelor3Both
AE2SPSoftware Support of Engineering ComputationIng. Karel Perůtka, Ph.D., doc. Ing. František Gazdoš, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D.Bachelor3Both
AE8MSModels of Continuous Systems and Their Simulationdoc. Ing. František Gazdoš, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Jiří Vojtěšek., Ph.D.Master5Both
AE8ZSSignal Processingdoc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D., Ing. Milan Navrátil, Ph.D.Master4Both
AE7ISSystems Identificationdoc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D.Master6Both

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