Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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How to Study

Exchange Studies

Level of offered courses

International students are allowed to choose freely which courses to take – possible recommendations/restrictions noted in column Note(s). Bachelor students are allowed to take master’s courses and the other way around so the column Degree programme states the level of the course and its difficulty. Master courses should be more complicated and the requirements might be higher.

Semester of study

Each course has defined in which semester it will be taught. It could be either in Winter or Summer semester. It cannot be changed. Nevertheless, some courses are offered in Both semesters.

Credit requirements

The required minimum number of selected credits is 15 ECTS per academic semester. The maximum number is not defined but we recommend 30 ECTS credits as the maximum.

Medium of instruction

The medium of instruction for courses offered below is English, if not stated differently.

List of courses for international exchange students

Faculties and departments