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Department of Electronics and Measurements

About the Department

We assure the provision of technical subjects for the study field/discipline: Security Technologies, Systems and Management. Equally, we also provide courses in electro-technical subjects – especially for the Automation and Control Technology and Information Technology fields. We also cooperate with the Faculty of Technology in the form of lectures and laboratory exercises. In the course of the creation and origin of the Science and Technology Park of Information and Communication Technologies; we played a role in the shaping of the content of its activities. This, to a great extent, determines our scientific focus and orientation – and thereby connects students with real industrial workplaces.

And What Do Our Staff Research and Investigate?

  • The R&D of electronics protection against Electromagnetic Field (EMC) Interference Measurement Methods
  • The Characterisation of the Electromagnetic Properties of Materials – Focused on Aviation Technology and Avionics Protection in a Complex Electromagnetic Environment, and a wide range of frequencies
  • Sensor Systems and Their Use in Industry and Security Applications
  • The Use of Advanced Technologies, (Nanotechnology), in the Molecular Electronics and Selected Security Applications Fields
  • Questions Relating to Machine Limitations on Information Processing; Related to the Basic Paradigms of the Newly-emerging Field of Informatics Physics.
  • Modern University Education Methods

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