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Close cooperation with industrial enterprises, firms and companies is a core priority of the Faculty of Applied Informatics. Cooperative joint-ventures with industrial partners is realised in a variety of forms.

The Industrial Board
The Industrial Board was established on 15. 12. 2010, with the mission of developing closer cooperative ventures with industrial enterprises. Members of the Board are representatives not only of firms functioning in the Zlín Region, but also beyond it. The aim of these cooperative ventures is, above all, to reflect the requirements of industrial partners in its study programmes, to create joint-ventures in the field of contractual research and also to resolve joint projects.

Cooperation with companies in the field of studies
The Faculty creates study programmes with a view to the requirements of industrial partners in order for graduates to achieve expertise and skills in line with current market requirements.

In the course of their fourth year, students undergo professional work placements (praxis) in companies. Another example of the close interconnection of studies with working practice is the so-called expert tuition programme, whose aim is to provide students with a practical overview of the problems and issues under study. For students of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. study programmes, lectures delivered by professional practitioners in particular fields are also organized in order to increase student interest in the subject and its scope. Lectures are led by experts of companies that reside in Science – Technology Park , which is part of the Faculty of Applied Science. We welcome the interest of practitioners to provide their expertise through lectures, practical tuitorials of applications demonstrations, experiments, laboratory exercises, etc., which could be incorporated into the teaching of individual subjects.

Resolving tasks in industrial praxis

Need to rent a unique instrument, whose purchase price would represent an overly large investment?

Need to work with the research centre on a new product?

Need a team of professionally trained researchers?

The Faculty offers companies the use of its laboratories, research and development assets, human resources, professional advisory services and counselling, as well as professional vocational courses in the further career (lifelong) learning context. Tasks based on working practical can form the basis of Bachelor´s and Master´s diploma projects.

Company presentations to students

Job Fairs are organised twice yearly in the Faculty of Applied Informatics. More than 20 companies from across the Czech Republic at the individual fairs offer vacancies and positions.

The faculty website also publishes job offers and work placements in firms and companies.

We welcome suggestions for joint cooperative ventures.

For more information, contact:
prof. Ing. Vladimír Vašek, CSc.
Email:, Tel. 576 035 254
(Vice Dean for Cooperation with Companies and Industry)

Assistant to Vice-Dean for Cooperation with Industry

TEL:+420 576 035 255 Mobile:+420 606 777 275 E-mail: Office:U51/714

(Cooperation Coordinator)

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