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Registration with the Alumni Club

The registration form (in the IS STAG portal) for your first log in is available here.

After you fill in your birth registration number and the initial letters of your first name and surname without diacritics (valid in the time of studies), these data will be verified in the database and you will be redirected to the registration form.
The data entered by those who graduated later than 2005 will be verified in our information system and most of the data will be filled in automatically.
If you graduated sooner than 2005, it is necessary that you complete the registration form by hand, and the registration will be verified by an authorized person (alumni administrator) afterwards.

The login data shall include your email address and the password entered in the registration form. The password must contain 6 or more signs. The registration process is completed by ticking the box Consent to the Processing of Personal Data at the end of the form (this is an inevitable step in the registration process).
As soon as your registration data are processed, a confirmation email for your login to the Alumni Club network will be sent to you.
In the event that the birth registration number and the initials entered in the first step of the registration process have not been verified automatically, the user will only be able to log in the network after the alumni administrator has verified his/her data.

If you have already registered please click here to log in to the database.

In the section My Data you can view your profile where you can set data visibility.

After logging in you will gain access to the Alumni Database. This section is non-public, only registered graduates have access to it. Here you can search in the alumni database of those graduates who have registered with the TBU Alumni Club.

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