Vice-Dean for Bachelor’s and Master’s Study

doc. Ing. Jiří Vojtěšek, Ph.D.

The Vice Dean for Bachelor´s and Master´s Study TEL:+420 576 035 224 Mobile:+420 733 599 960 E-mail: vicedean-bachelor-study@fai.utb.cz, vicedean-master-study@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/615

Vice-Dean for Reseach, Development and Doctoral Study

doc. Ing. Bronislav Chramcov, Ph.D.

Dean Deputy, Vice-Dean for Reseach, Development and Doctoral Study TEL:+420 576 035 215 Mobile:+420 724 646 731 E-mail: vicedean-research@fai.utb.cz, vicedean-doctoral-study@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/609

Student Affairs Office – studium@fai.utb.cz

Ing. Radomír Chlup

Head of Student Affairs Office, Student Affairs Officer for STAG Information System TEL:+420 576 035 211 Mobile:+420 724 646 728 E-mail: studium@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/303

Bc. Marcela Sklenářová

Student Affairs Officer For Bc. the Part-time and for Master's degree programmes TEL:+420 576 035 051 E-mail: studium@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/204

Eva Buchtová

Student Affairs Officer For the Admissions Procedure and for the Full-time Bachelor's Degree Studies programme TEL:+420 576 035 052 E-mail: studium@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/204

Veronika Vysloužilová

Student Affairs Officer For Fees and Stipends TEL:+420 576 035 053 E-mail: studium@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/205

Veronika Vysloužilová

Student Affairs Officer for Doctoral Study TEL:+420 576 035 231 E-mail: studium-phd@fai.utb.cz Office:U51/603

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