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About us

The Faculty of Applied Informatics

The inauguration of a faculty focused on Applied Sciences as an independent element of Tomas Bata University in Zlín is the logical result of the University´s efforts to succeed in the Information Technology field. The Faculty of Applied Informatics (FAI) was established on 01.01.2006 through the transformation of the existing Institute for Process Control and Applied Informatics (IRPI) at the Faculty of Technology which, in turn, had been founded in the first half of 2004, and came into being through the restructuring of the Institute of Information Technology. The foundations of the latter institution was the Institute (formerly Department) of Automation and Control Technology, which had existed for more than 14 years at the Faculty of Technology at the time (The Department of Automation was established on 01.09.1986).

Faculty Research Objectives

The core orientation of research at the Faculty of Applied Informatics, TBU is in the following fields:

  • Applied Informatics
  • Security Technologies
  • Automatic Control
  • Measurement and Instrumentation


It is possible to study at the Faculty of Applied Informatics at all tertiary education levels within the sense of the Bologna Declaration. Students have the possibility to graduate in:

  • Bachelor´s Degree studies
  • Follow-on Master´s Degree studies
  • Ph.D. Degree studies

The Faculty of Applied Informatics provides university-level education in 9 study disciplines in the duly-accredited Engineering Informatics study programme.

Apart from the Bachelor´s Degree studies and follow-on Master´s Degree studies, students can also study in the “Engineering Informatics” Ph.D. study programme. It is also possible to undertake the Habilitation process and appointment as an Associate Professor as well as nomination as a Professor in the field of “Control of Machines and Processes” at the Faculty of Applied Informatics.

Departmental Structure at FAI

The Faculty of Applied Informatics is composed of nine departments in total, of which seven assure the tuition of students apart from their research activities, while two are of a purely research nature. Tuition is provided by the following departments:

  • The Department of Mathematics
  • The Department of Electronics and Measurement
  • The Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence
  • The Department of Informatics and Communication Systems
  • The Department of Security Engineering
  • The Institute of Automation and Control Engineering
  • The Department of Process Control

These two professional institutes are of an exclusively scientific-research nature:

  • The Center for Security, Information and Advanced Technologies
  • The Information and Communication Technologies Science – Technology Park

Faculties and departments