Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Final State Exams

Organisational instructions for submitting a BT / DT and submitting applications for the FSE

Prior to submitting the Diploma Thesis (BT)/Bachelor Thesis (DT), it is necessary to:

  • Fill in all other details relating to your work in the IS/STAG system
  • You do not have to fill in: Annexes, parallel titles, subtitles, etc.
  • Upload your entire thesis into the IS / STAG system.

If the thesis is without attachments, upload it in PDF format and name the file: “fulltext.pdf”. The file must be in the PDF/A format (IS/STAG will check it automatically). The procedure for making PDF/A version of the thesis can be found here.

PDF version of Thesis must include scan “Thesis Assignment” without signature of the dean and head of the deparment! Also Statement on the page 4 must be without sign but with the name and followed by “m.p.”!

  • If attachments are part of your thesis (e.g. program source files, websites, programs in MATLAB, diagrams, etc.), all these files musut be ZIPed into one file and uploaded as the second“. The first file is “fulltext.pdf
  • NOTE: The files must be named as described herein, because otherwise your opponent will not be able to access them, and this could lead to great complications at the FSE because it will not be able to be “Opposed” – or “defended”
  • If the file of attachment exceed 1 GB; contact the Vice Dean for Bachelor´s and Master´s Study: Assoc. prof. Vojtěšek ( and the problem will be solved individually
  • Complete and print out the “Application for FSE/Bachelor´s Exam; according to the discipline/field (DO NOT fill in the DATE of the FSE) – this is available on the FAI web pages.
  • Sign the application and have it counter-signed by the person responsible for the BT/DT. They will acknowledge the fact that you have submitted a CD/DVD with all electronic data related to the BP/DP including source codes (if these are the product of your own labours) – Do not leave this to the last minute, remember that these people may not be available during the submission period!!!!
  • The person responsible for your BT/DT grants and credits students for their BT/DT. This must be granted no later than the day of submission of the BT/DT. The Course Credit is registered in special form, and at the same time, the student receives a signed paper form that they submit to the Department Secretary together with the Application to take the FSE. If it is likely that you will be awarded the credit, you can download and pre-fill the form at the same time as the Application to take the FSE
  • Further – respectively, more specific information can be found in these documents: Rector’s Directive SR/12/2016 “Final State Examinations at Tomas Bata University in Zlín“, and the Dean, FAI SD/01/18 “Instructions for the Organisation, Course and Evaluation of the State Final Exams at the Faculty of Applied Informatics, TBU in Zlín“.
  • Check that you have both signed copies of the BP/DP!

It is possible to submit your BP/DP about three weeks before the submission deadline. Observe the dates and times indicated in the table (on the web), the BP/DP WILL NOT BE accepted at any other times!!!

During the deadline period for submitting the DP/BP, come at the aforementioned time to your Departmental Secretariat and bring with you:

Diploma/Bachelor´s thesis:

  • 1x in black hardcover with a description according to the model on the FAI faculty Intranet: – (direct link); the bound thesis must include the original Bachelor´s or Diploma Thesis assignment
  • 1x in soft cover (can be in black hardcover) – this work must include a bound copy of the Diploma or Bachelor’s Thesis assignment
  • 2x on CD (glued into each copy BP/DP – CD, with a description of your name and the study discipline)
  • Proof of graduation – issued by the FAI Student Affairs Department – if you have fulfilled all of the study obligations. Otherwise, you can submit your BP/DP thesis, but can only be admitted to the SFE after submission of a certificate of graduation
  • A pre-filled “Application for the FSE/Bachelor´s Degree Exam”, signed by you and the supervisor of your BP/DP
  • A Form signed by your supervisor attesting to the granting of the Course Credit for the subject: “Bachelor´s/Diploma´s Thesis” – form

Once the Departmental Secretary has reviewed all of these requirements, they will enter the DP/BP submission date into the STAG system, and from then on, you will no longer have access to the BP/DP – i.e. the possibility of any adjustment to the work will cease to exist. Your access to the STAG system will remain unchanged.

You can read the Opponent Reviews inserted by the Departmental Secretary, directly within the STAG system.

Organisation of the Final State Exams

Arrive at the morning on the date of the FSE to prepare. The time allocated to you indicates the time at which the FSE itself starts, i.e. this means your arrival an hour earlier you start to prepare for the drawing of questions (e.g. you are assigned the time of 11:00; preparation starts at 10:00, so be there at 8.00 a.m.). The first two students in ranked order must arrive at 7:45 a.m. on the given day (This is also valid for the Commission, which begins at 9:00 pm)- or respectively, at 7:00 a.m. (for a Commission starting at 8:00 a.m.).

The FSE begins with the defence of your thesis (prepare a presentation about it in Power Point). This presentation will last 10 minutes. Then the Thesis Supervisor and Opponent´s reviews will be read and you will answer any eventual questions. Then, during a public debate on the topic, you will respond to comments and questions from the FSE Commission.

This is then followed by the absolution of the FSE from three (MSc) core courses.

Practical examples of the results of your work can be carried out either directly in the room where the FSE is taking place – or, in the case of larger models, in the laboratory.

It is necessary to prepare Power Point presentations – or eventually, installations of the sample programs the day before the start of the defence of the FSE in your field. The day and time will be determined in advance, according to study discipline fields and you can inform yourself about them from the FAI website. Computers and data projectors will be ready in the rooms where the FSE is to take place, for eventual testing purposes (everything will be prepared in Rooms D107, D108, D109, D110, (or, as the case may be, A118, A119 – for the IRT field)). You cannot try out the presentation during the course of the SFE.

The updated (final) date and time of your FSE will be published on the FAI website. Despite this, kindly ensure that you check whether there is any change the day before the FSE.

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