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Award prof. Kolomazník

Professor Kolomazník received Fray International Sustainability Award

Professor Kolomazník and members of his research group participated in Kolomaznik International Symposium on Materials Recycling in Phuket, Thailand, from November 27 to December 1, 2022.

The symposium was part of the Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit (SIPS 2022), a yearly multi-disciplinary event that is deeply science-focused and industrial engineering-oriented, and dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology. The Summit also has an important promotional function, trying to bring the work of people mainly in technical fields closer to the public. It is organized since 2003 by the Canadian not-for-profit corporation FLOGEN Stars Outreach.

During the gala evening on 29 November 2022, FLOGEN Stars Outreach President, Dr. Florian Kongoli, presented Prof. Kolomazník with the Fray International Sustainability Award. The Award has been established in honor of the distinguished work and lifetime achievements of Dr. Derek J. Fray, Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge, UK, who was one of the early figures in the start of the SIPS Summit series. The purpose of this Award is to acknowledge the work of various personalities or entities among politicians, corporations and academics for achievements related directly or indirectly to science and new technologies for a sustainable development.

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