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Ph.D. – Security Technologies, Systems and Management

The aim of this Ph.D. programme is designed to educate highly qualified specialists for scientific careers in Security professions at the academic level (e.g. universities, AS), in Public Sector Administration and in subjects dealing with Security, Population Protection, Information Technology and Building Security Technologies. These studies are academically oriented on the independent analysis of complex problems, working with the current state of knowledge, the creation of new methods, concepts and solutions, and their verification and presentation – especially to the professional public.

Graduates of the Security Technologies Systems and Management Ph.D. programme will acquire theoretical knowledge in the Security and Security Technologies fields – at the current world level and will gain knowledge mainly from the following areas:

  • Forensic Techniques
  • Electronics in Security Technologies and EMC
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Data Processing
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructures and Soft Targets
  • Systems Engineering
  • Security Management

Form of studies: Full-time and Part-time

What will you find and where you will find future employment after your studies?

In addition to researching and continuously monitoring scientific knowledge, graduates will learn to create and publish new scientific results on an international level. They will be able to critically assess the results of scientific or other highly-qualified professional work, including their own results. They will be able to use the correct scientific work methods – including the observance of ethical approaches in dealing with scientific results. They will be able to apply newly-developed scientific methods, procedures and tools in resolving specific problems. They will gain significant practical experience in working on scientific projects and will actively participate in their preparation and administration. At the same time they will gain pedagogical experience, professional results presentation experience, and learn to discuss them in a qualified way, especially in English.

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