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Mgr. – Information Technologies

Did you enjoy Applied Computer Sciences in your Bachelor´s Degree studies? This discipline will deepen your education – especially in the Computer Technology in Programming, Data Processing and Database Systems, Operating Systems and Computer Network fields. You will also focus on the transmission of information via the Internet. You will also be familiarised with Measurement, Optimisation, Technical and Theoretical Cybernetics, or subjects of an Economics and Managerial character.

What Subjects Can You Look Forward To?

  • Programming (Languages: C, Java, .Net)
  • Real-time Application Programming
  • Parallel Processes and Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Network Operations
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Numerical Systems Diagnostics
  • Information Systems
  • Signal processing

Study plans

Study forms:Full time

What Will You Be, and Where Will You Find a Place After Graduation?

  • Information and Control Systems Designer
  • User Software Programmer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Computer Network Designer and Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Expert
  • Web-page Designer
  • Database Manager
  • Administrative and Organisational Systems Computer Support Specialist

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