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Bc. – Information and Control Technologies

Devote yourself to Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics; and the knowledge you gain, will help you master the worlds of programmes and applications. You will gain practical skills in the Programming, Data-base Systems, Computing and Automation Techniques, or Coding. Familiarise yourself with Computer Graphics, or investigate just what is it that a computer is composed of and all about? After obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree, you can follow-on from this course by studying in the Master’s Degree disciplines and courses focused on Information Technology.

Which Subjects Can You Look Forward To?

  • Programme Theory
  • Programming
  • The Algorithmisation of Tasks
  • Operating Systems
  • Cryptology
  • Computer Graphics
  • Java, www. Technologies
  • Computer Architecture
  • Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Systems Theories
  • Programming Microcomputers
  • Programmable Automata

Study plans
Study forms:Full time

What Will You Be, and Where Will You Find a Place After Graduation?

  • Application Software Programmer
  • Database Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Industrial Automation, (PLC Automata, Microcomputer Applications)
  • Technological Process Control

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