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Final State Exams

Timetable of the Final State Exams in the academic year 2019/2020

Bachelor´s and Master´s Degree Thesis Timetables for the 2019/2020 Academic Year:

1. 10. – 13. 10. 2019Teaching staff announce their list of Bc./Ing., Topics
(Responsibility: Tutor-in-charge of Bc./Ing. Topics)
14. 10. – 20. 10. 2019The Departmental Board assesses the topics in the Bc./Ing., Topics system.
(Responsibility: Members of the Departmental Board in charge of Bc./Ing. Topics)
21. 10. – 31. 10. 2019The Field/Discipline Guarantor approves the topics registered in the Bc./Ing. Topics)
(Responsibility: The Guarantor)
1. 11. – 15. 11. 2019Students will select their Bc./Ing., Topics and contact their Tutor, who will discuss the topic with them. The student will be registered in the system by the Bc./Ing., Topic Tutor. In order for it to be possible for a student to be assigned to a subject; it is essential that they are registered in the system. They do so by registering in the system. This topic is – then, not shown to other students.
(Responsibility: Student + Bc./Ing., Topic Tutor)
18. 11. – 29. 11. 2019Students shall submit to the Secretariat of the relevant discipline the supplementary materials for the official Bc./Ing. Topic assignment, which supervisor submit to IS/STAG system and student print from IS/STAG. Example of this assignment (Word).
(Responsibility: Student + Head of Bc./Ing., Topic Tutor)
6. 12. – 20. 12. 2019Students will receive the official Bc./Ing topics list. The submission deadline is determined by the Department guaranteeing the relevant discipline.(Responsibility: Head of department guaranteeing the discipline)
May-June 2020Students shall submit their completed Bc./Ing. Thesis BP / DP. The exact deadline is determined according to the State Final Examination (SFE) dates of the individual disciplines.The thesis can be submitted on days and at times designated by the Department; but no later than 14 days before the SFE. Submission dates will be published; in due time, on the FAI Intranet.(Responsibility: Student)
June 2020State Final Examinations – SFEDeadlines for the SFE will be published – well in advance, on the FAI Intranet.

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