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Avalaible software for students and employees at FAI

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Distribution of Home Licenses of Mathematica software for FAI students and employees

Update September 18, 2019 (current version Mathematica 12)

Dear students, dear colleagues,

only students and employees of our faculty (Faculty of Applied Informatics) can obtain a home license of Mathematica software. Sw Mathematica is (in a nutshell) used in subjects across bachelor and master’s study level, across degree programmes and fields offered at FAI. Not only it is used for symbolic calculations, usage for classical mathematics, visualization of graphs, mathematical objects, symbolic objects, but also programming, work in the area of image processing, connection to various databases and data sources that can be used for own analysis and research and many other benefits.

Since the Faculty of Applied Informatics has purchased Mathematica software in the Unlimited version, each student or employee of the Faculty of Applied Informatics is entitled to use one license for his / her home use for free while studying or working at our faculty (one of the checks is the usage of the university email address (

This license is valid for one year (break-off period is 12-13 October of the calendar year) and in the case you leave the university, you must remove the software from your computer. The Unlimited version also allows you to install (upgrade) higher versions if they are released during the year.

In the mid-October, the current registered license will begin to announce the soon expiration. Then you have to activate the software again. You should be informed by email directly from WolframResearch (creator of Mathematica). Alternatively, you can read more in each section for employees and students.

Or contact the administrator of the Mathematica sw ( doc. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.) if you have any questions.

Licence and info for students of FAI
Licence and info for employees of FAI

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