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Licence and info for students of FAI

Licence of sw Mathematica ( and info for students of FAI

As already written, only FAI students are eligible for the license. To check the affiliation to our faculty, YOU HAVE TO ENTER your student’s personal number in the Notes / MachineNames field when completing the form to obtain a Mathematica activation key. Entering the personal number will be periodically checked and all license keys without the personal number will be deactivated immediately !!!!
Do not underestimate entering the personal number, the license can be deactivated later in the periodic check. Do not despair and apply for the license key again in the same way with your personal number.

To obtain a license, you need to use university email only ( Each student has an email in the form (username is usually surname, f means first letter from the first name, sometimes with numbers).
For compatibility with the original system of subdomains for particular faculty, the address in the form is accepted in addition to

And now, how to get a license and activate Mathematica software.

If I have got no licence yet
If I have already got a licence

If I have got no licence yet

Firstly, create an account (WolframID) at ( ), via the Create one link ( After filling the data in, a message with an account activation link (WolframID) will be sent to your university email address. Activate it, please.

Only after that, fill in the form at

The link will redirect you to login with your WolframID, fill in the details and sign in. You will then be sent to fill in the details for obtaining a home license at the link above – name, surname, email, platform (currently there is All,
one license key for any platform) for which you want Mathematica.

As mentioned above, in order to check the affiliation to our faculty, it is NECESSARY to enter the student’s personal number in the Notes / MachineNames field when filling in the form for obtaining the Mathematica activation key.

After sending the data, you will receive a message with data for a home license to sw Mathematica in your mailbox, so-called activation key in the form 4707-5134-some letters or numbers.

The email should contain a link back to login into your profile at ( Log in with your WolframID and after logging in, you should have a link inside for your home Mathematica software license under your My Products and Services section and a button to download this software.

After installing and entering the activation key, you will automatically activate sw Mathematica when you connect to the Internet. If the activation fails, please contact doc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.. It is also possible to generate a password manually.

Since changes are made everywhere, including :)) If you have discovered something “non-standard”, please let me know ( doc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D. ), so that we can solve it.

If I already have a license (such as an earlier version)

Licenses that have already been issued should automatically receive an email to the university’s mailbox ( office365/). In this email, there is a link to renew or upgrade your previous license and follow the instructions.
The next time Mathematica is started, it will “activate itself” via the Internet connection. Otherwise, you can download a new version at .

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the administrator of Mathematica ( doc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.).

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